Monday, August 24, 2009

The Passing of an Era

We buried my husband's mother this past Sunday afternoon.
If death hadn't overtaken her, it would have been the sort of
day she enjoyed. It was neither too hot or humid with a gentle
touch of fall in the soft breeze blowing. She was laid to rest next
to her husband of 63 years and surrounded by other members
of her family who had preceded her on this final journey.

Born in 1916, she had lived through some remarkable times in
our nation's history, including World Wars and the Great Depression. At age 17 she began teaching in one-room school
houses, either boarding in students homes and riding horse-back, to get there, or by mare's shanks. She quit teaching
for a number of years while raising her own family, but went
back at age 50, earning her BS first, then taking up teaching again. She finally retired at age 65, but continued to teach her
grandchildren, imparting her love for education to such an extent that my elder daughter is now a teacher too. The other
granddaughters, while not in the education field themselves, took up professions that encompass teaching and learning skills
they impart to others on a daily basis. I believe this is a fine
legacy she has left them.

I'm not sure I want to live to age 93, but to be able to
continue living in my own home as she did, might be an added incentive. And to keep my mind enough to remember and share with others the times I'd lived through as she did.

We did not always see eye to eye on family matters, but I shall
miss her presence in my life, as will all her family. A true passing of an era.


  1. A beautiful and honest tribute to a singular woman it would seem. And as I said in our chats I think passing quickly is a gift granted to few these days.

    Nice post.

  2. Yes, a lovely tribute. And how nice that her granddaughters carry on her legacy in each of their own pursuits. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  3. Thank you for commenting also, bekkieann.

  4. What a wonderful legacy.
    I admire your honesty because the truth is that the strong women who marry the sons of strong women don't always see eye to eye but do not like to admit it. It is however, a fact of life.
    Loving thoughts are sent your way together with prayers for those left behind as well as for her soul. May she rest in eternal peace.