Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Apology..

Pink Rose

To be a friend one must first be a friend and this past year I have certainly been a poor excuse as one. I could cite health problems, depression resulting from said problems, etc. etc. but these things are all still just feeble excuses. I just wish every one of you to know that whether I've actually commented, or not, on your doings, I have read your updates regularly in my email program.

Hopefully this new year will become a more positive period for me and I shall pester all of you, endlessly! I do actually feel as though the fugue that has engulfed me is lifting and that maybe, just maybe, I will feel that I can blog and comment and make sense, all at the same time. If I ever did any of these three things, that is......
it has been difficult to make comments that haven't been trite or stilted of late and I do apologize to each one of you. I will end this today with this heartfelt quote and to say: