Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Apology..

Pink Rose

To be a friend one must first be a friend and this past year I have certainly been a poor excuse as one. I could cite health problems, depression resulting from said problems, etc. etc. but these things are all still just feeble excuses. I just wish every one of you to know that whether I've actually commented, or not, on your doings, I have read your updates regularly in my email program.

Hopefully this new year will become a more positive period for me and I shall pester all of you, endlessly! I do actually feel as though the fugue that has engulfed me is lifting and that maybe, just maybe, I will feel that I can blog and comment and make sense, all at the same time. If I ever did any of these three things, that is......
it has been difficult to make comments that haven't been trite or stilted of late and I do apologize to each one of you. I will end this today with this heartfelt quote and to say:


  1. I must admit I wondered what happened to you, but my life was in such a muddle I could never hold that query for long enough to find the answer. My excuse is the year of the Tiger which it seems is not quite over. That is the cliff notes version.

    Let us hope that the trials and tribulations we have both endured will soon be over.

  2. Ditto to Jacqui - it's been one hell of a year with one thing and another so hopefully 2011 will be more gentle on we three soul sisters!

    no more apologies please. These things happen.

    Goodness I thought someone was peeing on your page and R just asked me 'is that water I hear? Lol

  3. lol...fountains do not sound like peeing; even R knew it was just water:p