Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Advantages Being a Turtle

This eastern box turtle goes by the name of Star and I feel a bit like her today. We are both finally ready to come out into the sunlight, instead of hiding away in the comparative safety of our shells. Now that I feel I have a better handle on new tasks, I'm ready to bask in the sun with Star. It is absolutely amazing what confidence in one's abilities can accomplish.

July 7th marked a vast upheaval in my office with a long-time
co-worker not being rehired by the incoming board members.
This has effectively reduced a four member staff down to three.
Naturally, my work load has tripled; the slack had to be taken up. There will be no new office worker hired and until
the other two have learned what they need to; I am IT, doing it
ALL. It's not that the work in itself is terribly hard, just complicated and needing to be done exactly for it all come out as it should. While aware of what my former coworker did, I had never done all the things she had taken personal responsibility over. So, on top of my normal work load, I have been doing hers and all the other myriad tasks she did. Happily, I am now in the process of teaching these tasks to another, to help shoulder just some of these time consuming jobs. At least this person does not have to be taught the most
basic tasks; this means a great deal, in such a busy office.

I need to take at least four days off next week. Strike that, I intend to take these days. There will be a fight, I'm sure. But, oh well......!

UPDATE NOTE: I am taking the entire week off; I NEED it!

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