Saturday, May 9, 2009

Getting Off the Tight-Rope

Sorry for having been missing for a while. Too
many upsetting events have been taking center
stage in my "so called life". But the time has arrived to get off the tight-rope I've walked for most of life. Simply put, I'm damned tired of that taunt rope with the imaginary safety net and am now ready for that step onto the firmness and safety offered by the platform at the rope's end. What this step symbolizes for me is that I am finally ready to concede defeat and retire from that swaying rope. This has been a most difficult decision and one that I must tell you is not, and will not, be easily done. The decisions I've reached will have drastic effects on my entire family. It is not easy to give up my long held role as Family Peace Keeper, but if I do not now become MY OWN PEACE KEEPER, I feel my "I" will disappear.
Do I feel as though I've squandered my life?
No, not at all; I have, with all my warts and other faults, produced two lovely, caring, and supportive daughters. As an added bonus, two very decent sons-in-law are also included.

1 comment:

  1. It is a bit like Stockholm syndrome. Even waterboarding can become normal and be expected. Life on a firm footing is going to seem strange and dull for a while but it will have many rewards for you.

    your friends are behind you.